SPN Rewatch - 7x12 Time After Time

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SPN season one that promo aired overseas and not in the U.S.

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I was tagged by scruffydemondean (kind of) to post my top 10 favorite tv shows!

Here are my top ten (as of right now because I’ve watched way too many shows over the years to figure out a final top ten):
1. Friends  and  1. Supernatural
3. House of Cards
4. Orphan Black
5. Vikings
6. The Following
7. CSI
8. Mythbusters
9. Grey’s Anatomy
10. Fringe
I am just gonna tag the first two blogs that come to mind …. lipglosskaz and itsajensenthing.

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Jason’s Holiday Album…with friends

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When you try to speak but you make no sound- SN: 08x07


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